DayZ Origins: Changelog 1.7.8

17297239Für DayZ Origins steht Update 1.7.8 bevor. Gamersplatoon hat heute einen vorläufigen Changelog dafür veröffentlicht.


  • Unterwasser-Gameplay ( U-Boote, Unterwasserbasen? )
  • Neues Bau-System “Nested buildings” (beinhaltet auch baubare Helikopter Hallen)
  • Fahrzeuge können nun weiter personalisiert bzw. verbessert werden.
  • Neue (seltene) Items (Loot, Werkzeug, Waffen)

CHANGE LOG 1.7.8: (noch nicht Final)


  • Introduction of underwater gameplay
  • Added Ladder on side of battleships to enable access from water.
  • Added Reinforced fence gate
  • New portion of Novistrana Island added
  • Taviana / Novistrana New Enterable Factories added
  • Taviana / Novistrana new enterable buildings
  • Nested Buildings, “Electro Nest” hero and bandit levels added
  • Customization : Ability to paint all vehicles
  • Customization : – Ability to apply special designs to selected to vehicles using stencils
  • Customization : Ghillie suit surrounding environment camouflage customization
  • US Army/UN base added to Novistrana
  • Added lone wolf Safes
  • Added New variety of civilian backpacks, new school backpacks
  • Lone wolf 1 seat Unicopter added.
  • Survivor made Nautilus submarine added.
  • Aggressive SUV with machine gun added.
  • Kamaz truck added.
  • Ka60 helicopter added.
  • HC3 Merlin helicopter added.

GAMEPLAY Changes, Balances and improvements:

  • Tank garages in Zuta Gora barracks moved apart to prevent abuse.
  • Stronghold clan members can now keep their houses, build new houses.
  • Survivors heroes and bandits can now demolish their own houses for reallocation or adopting new nested buildings.
  • Bandaging: Ability to move or run from danger cancelling bandaging process
  • Fences need to be maintained, otherwise they disappear after 15 days.
  • Surrender action moved to number 0 button, can be changed in controls settings.
  • AH6X engine sound now heard at 200 meters.
  • MHJ engine sound now heard at 200 meters.
  • Littlebird engine sound now heard at 100 meters.
  • Changing seats in helicopter mechanics improved.
  • Gatling Capri speed and durability tweaked.
  • Houses cannot be penetrated with normal machine guns.
  • Jerry can now only occupies 3 inventory slots.
  • Mossing rifle damage buffed.
  • Scrap APC inventory reduced to 70 magazines, 15 weapons and 6 backpacks.
  • Praga Copter inventory reduced to 50 magazines, 10 weapons, 5 backpacks.
  • Praga Copter speed reduced.
  • Ability to add ammunition to helicopter machineguns
  • Tents can be permanently destroyed with hatchets.
  • Wooden fences can be permanently destroyed with hatchets.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fences/watchtowers disappearing after 15 days issue fixed.
  • Inventory accessible from outside of level 1 bandit house issue fixed.
  • 1.7.7 Stronghold issue inventory bugged preventing it from being finished issue fixed.
  • Stronghold stages disappearing issue fixed.
  • Ability to bypass 10 second abort timer fixed.
  • Stronghold stages disappearing issue fixed.
  • Back wall of stronghold missing when viewed from distance issue fixed.
  • Dr. Ivan excessive spawning issue fixed.
  • Wobbly fire truck movement fixed.
  • “pack tent” when packing a storage box issue fixed.
  • Watchtower flickering with black colour from distance issue fixed.
  • Lublin truck getting stuck on Bratislav bridge issue fixed.
  • Scrap bus getting stuck on Bratislav bridge issue fixed.
  • Rodina missing engine on bonnet issue fixed.
  • Flying loot in school building issue fixed.
  • Not able to shoot trough police station, bar and school windows issue fixed.
  • Various stretching issues on stronghold clan skins fixed.
  • Barracks on island Piran inside ground issue fixed.
  • Cables removed from electric poles.
  • Missing collision around fence on the front of big garage issue fixed.
  • Glitch in light house on island Kres issue fixed.
  • Electric pylons near Bratislav bridge fixed.
  • Sunken house in Postojna issue fixed.
  • Sunken tents in Dalnogorsk issue fixed.
  • Glitch in battleships issue fixed, helicopters can land / take off safely, player does not fall trough.
  • Quarry not working in Novistrana issue fixed.


  • Users of ArmA X Anniversary edition are now able to construct all kinds of houses/fences/strongholds

New Tools:

  • Saws
  • Hammers

New Weapons:

  • UN Peace forces / US Army / Special Forces weapons arsenal


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